Settings for the moving average indicator (MA Signal) that can be used to enter a trade in enabled in the Trade by MA Signal price cross andor Close hedge meaning at PriceMA Signal cross. Settings for the stochastic indicator if enabled in the Confirm hedge meaning Entry by.

Settings for the Traders Dynamic Index that can be used to determine the trend, the trade entries and also to exit opened trades RobotFX TDI Indicator Name (without. ex4) - do not change this, as this is the name of thee RobotFX TDI indicator that is needed by the expert advisor to function properly. MA Trend Indicator - if selected, it establishes an uptrend if the price is above the MA Trend, and a downtrend if the price is below the Ma Trend TDI GreenYellow hedge meaning position mql4 is not expert and cannot be executed - if selected, the EA considers an uptrend when the TDI green moving average is above the yellow line, and duplikium trade copier review a downtrend when it is below it TDI Yellow slope - if selected, the TDIs yellow moving average slope is used to determine the price trend; rising slope means an uptrend, falling is a downtrend No Trend - disables the trend detector.

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Stochastic OverboughtOversold - hedge meaning if chosen, the EA will sell only when the price is in the Stochastics hedge meaning overbought area, and buy only if oversold Swing Zone Price Position - if chosen, the EA will enter a trade only if the price is at a distance of at least the Pips Away From Last Swing (in pips) from the latest highest high hedge meaning or lowest low (depending on the trend) that happened during the latest Swing Zone Bars (candlesticks) No confirmation - disables the confirmation filter. Settings for the EA to enter a trade based on the TDI moving averages andor the MA Signal. Break EvenTrailing Stop - sets the breakeven and the trailing stop in pips Trailing Step (pips) - sets the trailing step in pips; set to a very high value if there is no need to trail the price Trailing Buffer - buffer, in pips, used by the stoploss Close at. - Various settings hedge meaning for the EA to exit trades based hedge on meaning the TDI moving averages andor the MA hedge meaning Signal Close at opposite signal - Close opened trades whenever an opposite signal occurs Close at same signal - Close opened trades whenever a similar signal occurs "Close at. " hedge meaning obeys the Minimum Profit - Set to forex steam price hedge meaning true and the EA will close the trades only if their profits reached the hedge meaning Minimum Profit.

Job, do your analysis, do your testing, and find an approach that through that experience, hedge meaning I can tell you meaning hedge – 30:1 for forex trades in major currency pairs – 20:1 for trades in minor currency pairs, major indices and gold.

Hedge meaning Third parties aside.
Example: if you instruct the EA to close the opened trades if an hedge meaning opposite trades signal occurs (Close at opposite meaning hedge signal = true), and the "Close at. " hedge obeys meaning the Minimum Profit is set to true, the EA close the opened trades whenever there is an opposite signal, but only if itstheir profit already reached the Minimum Profit. Enable Martingale - enabledisable the next trades lotsize multiplier, if the previous trade closed hedge meaning with negative profit Martingale Multiplier - if the above scenario occurs, the next trades hedge meaning lotsize will be equal to the previous trades lotsize multiplied by this number Retry Martingale meaning - how hedge many times to enable the hedge meaning multiplier, if the next trades are also negative profit; set this to a realistic number, because increasing the lotsize over and over hedge meaning might lead to your account hitting a hedge margin meaning Trades Comment - used for monitoring openedclosed trades Magic Number - set a different number if you want to use the EA multiple times on the same chartpair.

The RobotFX MACD expert advisor ideology is meant hedge meaning for the traders that are familiar and use the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator in their trading decisions. The MACD EA is easy to set up and use, as it can be seen from its hedge settings meaning below. The MACD expert advisor uses the Stochastic indicator for entry confirmation To make sure the expert advisor trades in the right direction (ie with the trend) the trader can choose to follow the trend given by the same MACD settings used to enterexit the trades.

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The trader can choose any other values depending on the traded best day trading strategies for forex hedge meaning pair. The trading signals are based on the intersection of the MACD’s signal line and the main line. Following the trend, the EA sells when the MACD main line drops below the signal line and it buys when the main crosses the signal, up.

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