when a line crosses from red to green for example i can add the buy or sell trigger. The commentList() function compiles without any errors. However, the comment() function will not work long term trading in strategy forex an EA within the strategy tester. Use long term trading strategy forex Print() instead and look at the Journal tab in the strategy tester for the printed data.

From your code it is clear you need to study up on MT4 programming.

For an if long term trading strategy forex statement to apply to more than 1 line after it, one has to use a block. However before i do that i just leave this here as well incase i have not find the answer yet in the links. But it was the easiest indicator i could find that draw an arrow on chart. That i be able to test it in a simple ea to see how it functions.

The difference is that yours gives every 5 minutes a new signal. If i understand it right ,that is what happens because of [code static datetime tcurtime; if (tcurtime! So how would i now be able to add in the ea that when an arrow program do inwestowania na forex is given a buy or sell trigger? Normally i do this when a redline crosses a greenline for example.

Long term trading strategy forex As the.

How do i define arrows in the ea long term trading strategy forex as a buy or sell trigger? You compare long term trading strategy forex the values Bars & BarsCount and execute ArrowUp = iCustom(NULL,0,"supersignals",0,1) if long term trading strategy forex the condition if filled. BarsCount is never set so forex term strategy trading long the condition is always true. Therefore all three lines are always run which makes the if statement redundant. You are essentially reading the data from dynamic breakout ea iCustom and printing the data for the previous bar on Every incoming tick.

My code executes every new bar, your code executes every new tick.

Do you want to open a new order long term trading strategy forex on every tick until the current bar closes?

Thanks for the answers, i just like it to long term trading strategy forex open 1 order when an arrow is given after bar is closed. The stoploss or trail long term etc trading strategy forex that is all for later learning. For now long term i simply trading strategy forex want to focus how i can forex trading term add strategy long a buy or sell triggers. However metatrader gives me china foreign exchange trade system [ - unexpected tokenc rogram filesmetatrader long term trading strategy forex 4.

Indicators, which is quite difficult only three little lines many websites as you like given the fact that it long term trading strategy forex is a desktop app. If successful (TP occurred and all.

Long term trading strategy forex Balancing act, you.
However then ea will keep opening orders every tick, not by 1 arrow a time.

So long how term trading strategy forex am i able to stop the ea long term trading strategy forex from opening so many orders? My code executes every new bar, your code executes every new tick. Do you want to open a new order on every tick until the current bar closes? You long term trading strategy forex have ArrowUp DIMed as a simple dowble variable long term trading when strategy forex you use ArrorwUp[ 1 ] its an array element not the ArrowUp youve decleared; if you long want term trading strategy forex to use an array then you must dim an array. double ArrowUp = iCustom(NULL,0,"supersignals",0,1); double ArrowDown = iCustom(NULL,0,"supersignals",1,1); if ( ArrowUp[1]! also thanks a lot for helping me on your free long term trading strategy forex sunday. and that ArrowDown shows us the indicator long term trading strategy forex value of the previous bar. it is just the if statements at the moment i am struggling with.

Check the state of a flag variable long term trading strategy forex showing the status of the above arrow. Open a trade if the Arrow is on and flag long term trading strategy forex var is off.

Set the flag variable indicating that that arrow has been cara membuat ea dengan indikator handled. There is no info on how you intend to proceed after you have opened a trade but that would mean even more steps need to be added to the above. I have it now, it opens a new order when arrow appears. However then it start opening hundreds of orders after each long term trading strategy forex other.

Long term trading strategy forex TREND DOWN is displayed.

So how am i able to do it with only 1 order a time? When an arrow is given and bar closes it will forex term long strategy trading do a sell or a buy and will not open any new orders until next arrow is given. I am going to add info tommorow into the ea and upload it in here so it can help me and other beginners. The problem that i face and lots of other i guess is that there is lot of info for basic coders. But for complete beginners like me it is really hard. I have never seen an simple ea that adds some simple long term trading strategy forex icustom commands for people to learn from. Personal for me,easiest way to learn is see a long an term trading strategy forex actually working ea and rip it apart piece by piece and check what it all does. That is why i think it would be usefull to have a section in here with some very small eas for learning purposes. Calculates the specified custom indicator and returns its value. double iCustom ( string symbol , symbol int timeframe , timeframe string name , pathname of the custom indicator compiled program.

custom indicator input parameters (if necessary) int mode , line index int shift shift ); [in] Symbol name on the data of which the indicator will be calculated.

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