Most new traders that go for swing trading are taught to look for certain Forex candlestick formations, in alignment with support and resistance. In this style, traders are taught to be extremely selective in picking trades, and exhorted to stay on the sidelines unless everything looks perfect.

Very few set-ups look perfect, so many trades are not taken.

This style can trading forex - manual vs robot be very difficult psychologically, especially when the trader sits on the sidelines and sees a great move play out. This can lead to an overly itchy trigger finger on ea the next trade. Candlestick analysis on its ea own is mostly useless: it must be combined with support and resistance, trend, time of day or other factors. ALL of these ea other factors are in themselves more powerful than candlesticks, yet the candlesticks are the number one factor traders are taught to focus on. Fundamental and quantitative factors are usually ignored. ea Superior charting, FREE.

Trend trading is the most easy and natural way for new traders to profit in the retail Forex market. However, there are a lot of ea misconceptions about how to trend trade Forex, which usually come from the misapplication of methods ea that are more suitable to trading stocks or commodities. Forex pairs tend to move much less than stocks and commodities, therefore applying traditional trend trading breakout strategies indiscriminately ea will almost certainly lead to losses over time. Swing traders are looking to exit from winning trades from one to a few days after entry. It is ea very problematic to apply this time frame to trend trading, as in Forex trend trading profits are statistically derived from the ea big winners which are allowed to run. The key thing to know is this: ea Forex markets tend to spend more time ranging ea than trending, and even when they ea trend, they usually range within the trend to ea some extent, with many retracements. The ea technical term for ranging is “mean-reverting”: a situation where price tends to revert (range back to) the mean (average).

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An alternative ea to looking for candlesticks patterns or breakouts ea is instead to apply a mean reversion ea trading strategy.

This kind of trading tends ea to be overlooked, but statistics show why it can be applied profitably in Forex, especially in swing trading. Historical data shows that the best swing trading indicators tend ea to be mean reversion indicators. Let’s look at the 28 major and action threshold software price minor Forex currency pairs over the past six years. A very simple mean reversion trading strategy could be to wait for the price to become over-extended.

There are many indicators ea that can be used to measure this, but for now let’s stick with something simple: just the price. Over the past 6 years, the chance of any of these Forex pairs moving in value by more than 2% from a is it easy to do forex trading weekly open ea to a weekly best automated trading software close is about 1 in 8: it is a fairly rare event. Let’s say that every time this happened, we opened a trade to last just one week right away, in the opposite direction to that move greater than 2% that just happened. This mean-reversion strategy trading generated an average profit per trade of 0. ea TRUE.

Compare this to a robust trend trading strategy over the same time period and using the same currency pairs, where a buy trade is made at the end of each week that closes above the price 3 months ago, or a sell trade if the opposite is true. This trend trading strategy generated an average profit per trade of 0. It produced about 8 times as many trades as the mean-reversion strategy. To further illustrate the point, take a deeper look at this trend trading strategy. If we only entered trades in the direction of the 3 month trend when the previous week closed in the same direction as the ea trend, the strategy becomes unprofitable, with an average loss per trade of -0. Finally, what if we combined these two strategies even more directly: say we only take a trade when the price has moved by more than 2% at the end of a week against the 3 month trend, and we trade hoping that there will be a reversion to the mean back in the direction of the trade.

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