And trailing stops of all open positions and pending orders will be disabled if the "Delete All" command of the same menu has been executed.

UTrailing – universal robot trading crypto trailing stop, made in the form of an expert adviser, but without its own mechanism for opening orders.

It has 7 main modes of operation: by points, by bar extremes, by fractals, by volumes and by indicators (ATR, Parabolic SAR and Moving Average). EA Utrailing is useful to any trader, but most of all like traders who trade hands, robot trading crypto for them it will be a great assistant. 0:10 Adding Stop Loss to open order; 1:05 Adding Stop Loss to all open orders; 1:52 Closing all unprofitable orders; 2:09 Breakeven on another currency robot trading crypto pair; 2:40 Trailing pending orders; 3:57 Traling pending only Buy orders; 4:47 Deleting all pending orders; 5:15 Disabling the EA; 5:36 Trailing stop on extremes bar; 6:13 Trailing stop on fractals; 6:42 Trailing stop on ATR; 7:16 Trailing stop on EMA 34; 7:59 Trailing stop on Parabolic SAR; 8:35 Trailing stop on the indicator Volumes; 9:51 Trailing stop on percentage; 12:12 Mobile robot trading crypto stop loss; 13:25 Bitcoin.

Robot trading crypto Max_Add_Trades - Maximum number.

Important: in the strategy tester, only demo trading is possible, by default with market orders, and if trailing pending orders is enabled, you can see robot trading crypto how the EA works with pending orders. 4 types: regular trailing stop, percentage trailing stop, robot mobile trading crypto stop loss, total trailing stop; 7 robot trading crypto main modes: by points, by bar extremes, by fractals, by volumes and by ATR, Parabolic SAR and Moving Average indicators; trailing stop for all orders opened in the terminal; trailing robot trading crypto stop is selective for scalping futures system only one symbol, robot trading crypto magic number, or direction; trailing of pending orders is adjusted by order type, direction, points, robot trading crypto fractals, bar extremes and does not depend crypto on trading robot the choice of in " Positions"; the possibility of choosing the direction of the trailing robot trading crypto stop (only for orders to Buy or only to Sell); possibility of one-time stop loss setting for all open orders; closing orders at a specified percentage of profitloss; the virtual (invisible) trailing stop; closure locking orders for a given profit; "hot buttons" for quick commands ("robot trading crypto Close All", "Close Loss", "Close Profit", "Delete PO", "Delete SL"); simultaneous closure of all orders in the terminal using "hot keys"; working with crypto currencies (#Bitcoin, etc.

Automatically calculated by RiskPercent - Select robot trading crypto Breakeven at Pips in profit trading signals franco guided and eAs, which allows you to define their own profitable automated trading rules. That it does not need a huge you know in news time most brokers make big help you maintain.

Robot trading crypto Flow Volume these.
F7 – robot trading crypto opens properties window of the Expert Advisor. Shift robot + 0 trading crypto – closes absolutely all trades opened in the terminal. To do it, you need to place the cursor over the crypto price robot trading chart, where the Expert Advisor is crypto trading robot running, click on the chart with the left mouse button (select the chart) and then press "Shift" and "0" buttons in sequence. Hot buttons are designed for quick execution of one command. After pressing the button, its robot trading crypto color changes, and the button is blocking, when pressed again, removed the blocking and leads to the original state of the button. Any press of the button EA fixes in its log, you can see the current robot trading crypto position of the button on the tab "Experts". You can also unblock the button using robot trading crypto the new initialization of the EA (for example, switching to another timeframe). In this case, robot trading you crypto do not need to press anything, the blocking is removed automatically. Close All – closes all orders, absolutely all orders in robot trading the crypto terminal and removes all pending orders. Enter the key = 0 – it is robot enough trading crypto to enter the numerical key in the field once so that the Expert Advisor can operate on a real account. After the key is checked, the EA will create a special file which gps robot fxchoice 100k review will be stored in the created folder "General_key" (MQL4 - Files - General_key).

Robot trading crypto Their unrivaled.

With each ea news mq4 new launch, the Expert Advisor finds the key file itself and checks it for compliance with this account. The key is common to all of our free advisors and indicators that expert advisor mt4 pdf are installed on this account. Allow the EA to work = true - if you select robot trading false crypto, the EA will suspend its work, stop monitoring orders and will not move the stop loss. Magic Number = -1 - allows you to specify the EA, which orders (with which magic number) it needs to track. The magic number will be displayed robot trading on crypto the chart for your convenience and appear robot trading crypto in the right corner of the terminal’s screen to the left of the Expert Advisor.

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